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Currently I’m employed at Visma as Team Manager. I work with Platform related tasks that is used in both on-premise and SaaS products.

Visma is a big company that is still growing. In 2007 I signed an emplyee contract with the Norwegian company called Mamut. Mamut was bought by Visma in June 2011.

The work here is interesting, and after the acquisition a lot of things has changed. New projects has been started and lots of reorganization has taken place.




link: Triax A/S




My work at Triax A/S covered the following project:

  • Development of DVB-C / DVB-T / DVB-S Modules
  • Merge of ERP systems. With focus on the relation between production and development.
  • Created SMS alert system for remote head end Stations
  • Wrote Embedded softeware for a DiSec switch.

My Roles at Triax

  • Software developer (Start)
  • Became Project Manager
  • Last role was Team Manager of Head Ends


ETI is an international SW/HW vendor creating products for Law Enforcements Agencies and Telecom Companies.




Some of the projects in this employment.

  • Maintane and expand a module based data decoding environment.
  • Move compentence and product knowledge from the DK HQ to a subsidary in Washington DC.

My Roles at ETI

  • Software Developer (Start)
  •  then Productowner / Project Manager

Programming languages used

  •  C / C++
  • Perl

During this employment I was lucky to have a 1 year work related stay in Washinton DC.




This was my first job after ended education. I was hired in a subsidary called Invensys Building Systems Denmark.

The company developed equipment to control and adjust clima in large buildings.

Both a unit to collect information like humidity / temprature / light and PC software to collect the data was developed.

My Roles in this company

  • Software Developer