Tested the new Slic3r program (ver1.0.0RC3). But unfortunately it gave some really strange results on a fairly simple print consisting of three objects. I didn’t analyse the gcode before printing, something that I have now learned to be worth the time.

I was trying to print a box, top and loose shelf with fairly thin surfaces. The printer did the job without any stop or problems for once, but the result was not as expected.

The box and the top was surrounded with a strange looking shelter around, that was impossible to remove. I went back to Slic3r ver. 0.9.9, created a gcode file and analysed that with an online gcode analyser (http://gcode.ws). That was remarkably different. Input and configuration of the slic3r was the same.

Did a new print (based on Slic3r ver. 0.9.9) and it looked fine.

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