It has been a while since last post on this forum. I have spent lots of time on doing new drawings and trying to calibrate my printer. The calibration was actually the big problem. When printing a circle I got an oval object. According to the measurements I did on my printer I found that the Y axes is of by -0,75 % and the X axis +1%.

Based on these findings my intention was to upgrade the firmware on the Melzi board. After several attempts I gave up and started looking into Software that could rescale the object on STL file level. I landed on “netfabb”. Here is a few words from their “about” textbox:

“netfabb Basic is a free (as in free beer) software for handling triangle based mesh data. Its compactness and its modularity offers a new technology that is highly superior to common CAD suites.”

After rescaling of the object I was able create circles. That’s very needed when you are working on gearboxes.

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