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I was surfing to find inspiration on how to present “Product Portfolio Management” activities. Then I found this page that has several articles free of charge on this subject.
Unsure for how long the article is available, but here it is:

Product portfolio management cover at least five points in my opinion (as described in the article).

  • Value Maximization (via key objectives such as profitability, ROI, and acceptable risk.)
  • Balance (risk versus return; short-term versus long-term; and across various markets, business arenas and technologies.)
  • Business Strategy (reflects the company’s product innovation strategy and company’s strategic priorities)
  • Pipeline Balance (balance pipeline resource demands and the resources available)
  • Sufficiency (conducted via a financial analysis of the pipeline’s potential future value)

If the portfolio management is not handled carefully the following can often be said about prod dev activities:

  • Wrong focus in ongoing projects. Results gives too little values to the business.
  • Portfolio has bad balance in project types
  • Company Resource breakdown does not reflect the innovation strategy
  • Bad Ranking Prioritization
  • Bad Balance in number of projects and in number of resources (gridlock).
  • Projects are not aligned with resource strategy.

Results of on these problems are often:

  • Wrong project are running (mismatch in company goals, strategy and actual development activities)
  • At some point the Gridlock will show
  • Projects takes to long to get to the marked.

Even though resources are added to the Product Portfolio Management there might be other reasons to achieve negative to turnout of good intentions. The success of Product Portfolio Management activities also depends on many things:

  • How clear are the company goals defined and how precise is it.
  • To what degree are the resources engaged to new product development.
  • Is the organization structured for development.

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