Let’s Encrypt.
This tool is fairly simple to use with Azure to get encrypted pages without any cost in Certificates and no compromise on encryption. I have used the setup ~6 months and it worked smoothly. Certificates got renewed automatically through WebJobs on azure.
To save money on my subscription I downgraded my App Service Plan to B1. B1 doesn’t support SNI (Server Name Indication), and the encryption had to go on my Azure test platform.
To Install this on a Azure WebApp you can use the Azure Site Extension called “Azure Let’s Encrypt” (extension gallery: https://{your webapp name}.scm.azurewebsites.net).

Instructions on how this can be done:

Comment: There might be a chance to set this up without SNI by setting “letsencrypt:UseIPBasedSSL = false”. Haven’t tried this yet, but I will as soon as the time allows this.

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