Building the printer took me some hours (13 hours to be exact).

The printer is now ready for calibration and hopefully soon for printing the objects that I need for testing out the design of the original project (


  • The initial bed leveling was done in 1 hour
  • Firmware update (skipped that for now)
  • Adjusting the bed to ensure 90 degrees angle between Z axis and the printer bed took 30 min
  • Testprint, I printed the a hollow box 20mm * 20mm * 10mm.


First I set the width of filament to 3 mm (correct value is 1.75 mm) and that caused really strange looking print result. There was simply too much plastic coming out. After correcting this a nice box become the test result.

Using ABS Juice on the print bed.

Mixture: 20mm of abs filament dissolved in 10ml acetone (1.75 mm filament)

After cleaning the glass carefully with acetone it is wiped with “ABS Juice”.

If you like to have a fun electro mechanic project, I can recommend you to go for a RepRap project. It gives some really fun challenges. However, this cannot be recommended for anyone that just want to focus on printing. In that case you should just spent a minimum of 5000 NOK (Date: 20140120)  and receive a fully assembled printer.

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