The last couple of days I tried printing an object with a diameter of 110 cm and volume of 130 cm3. Estimated print time 8 – 10 hours, with no succes.

I get 2h into the print and it stops for one of the following reasons.

  • Print doesn’t stick to the bed (will try hair spray or dissolved sucker in water next).
    • Solution: Not really sure yet.
  • Filament gets stuck in the nozzle. Heat is traveling up the feeding line. That causes filament conjestion in the feeding pipe.
    • Solution: Make sure the fan above the hot end is running at all time.
  • Host machine just stops sending commands to the Melzi board.
    • Solution: Dedicated a Laptop to run protorface and nothing. Other programs uninstalled and network detached.
  • Filament jamming on the coil before the extruder.
    • Solution: Make sure the thread of fileament leaves the coil with out pulling out more fileament than needed. Added a little break so the coil only so the spool reels only if extruder pull the thread.

So proper preparation of the print bed is the next thing to work with. I will start out with the hair apray approach first since that is very easy.

On to 8th attemp to print this object.

It might also be worth trying the PLA filament. Haven’t tried that yet. PLA is strong at low tempratures but the melting point is lower than ABS. In the application where this is going to be used the temperature can easily exeed 50 degrees celcius.

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