Melzi Board


An PDF RepRapWiki on how to upload new firmware: RepRapPro Mendel maintenance (PDF document)

Uploading new firmware

The firmware is the computer program that resides in the microcontroller chip on the controller printed circuit board. This section tells you how to upload a new copy of that program to your RepRapPro Melzi or Sanguinololu controller.

Important: If you have a multi-colour/multi-material RepRapPro RepRap, then you must first disconnect one end of the 4-way communications wire between the two controllers before you reload firmware into either of them. Reconnect it when you have finished reloading the firmware.

Required software

Arduino IDE

Arduino is the architecture of the main processor/microcontroller (see )

The Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) allows you to upload the firmware to the board. Get it from the Arduino website here. The current version of the RepRapPro firmware is proven working with Arduino v1.0.4 and later.

You may also need to install Java.

Sanguino hardware

What is Sanguino?! Sanguino is the basic architecture of the board (see ). Sanguinololu is Sanguino, with the addition of stepper drivers. Melzi is based on Sanguinololu.

Do not download the drivers from; we supply modified drivers with our Marlin firmware, so the Arduino IDE software can talk to the Melzi.

The Bootloader

At times, you may see references to the bootloader. This is a piece of code that is flashed to the Arduino chip before firmware, to allow basic communications. If you have a RepRapPro machine, this has been done for you. It is part of the Sanguino code, and it tells the chip how to talk to the USB port; without it, it doesn’t know how. Flashing firmware doesn’t replace this or require that you flash the bootloader as well; it stays there all the time.

The only reason to reflash the bootloader is if the EEPROM on the Melzi has been completely erased somehow, or if you have replaced the chip on the board.

Git repository

Most of the data you need for RepRapPro hardware and software is in our Github repository. Firmware source code is stored in the RepRapPro git repository for Huxley and monochrome Mendel or RepRapPro git repository for multi-material/multi-colour Mendel.