I have a lot of family pictures on my local network. I’m using Coppermine on my webpage to show and share these pictures.

The steps going from my local storage to a web presentation are too many (for me). I’m accessing the pictures on web from mobile devices and I need the pictures to be reduced from 10MB down to some appropriate size for mobile devices.

The solution is to create a tool that will keep the files in the local storage and the resized files on my web server up to date.

At any time the local drive/repository must hold the original file loaded from the camera. These folders can only be read to.

User Story

I need to copy the files from my camera to the local store and make the pictures available on the web server without too much manual work.

A typical scenario in this environment.

  1. Starting Point: Pictures ready in the camera.
  2. Load Image from the camera to the local drive on the netwotk.
  3. Run the tool to resize and check the synch status
    1. If needed the tool will uplade the pictures
  4. The user will manually create the album and map the pictures. This is done in one batch.
  5. Ending Point: Pictures available on the web for invited to see.

Feature list so fare

Image Handling

  • Filter files and Resize Jpeg Images
  • Extract Meta Information (EXIF)


  • Run sync status routines to build up sync jobs for the tool to do.
  • Sync files to the server.
    • Image information files
    • Reduced Images


  • Do dry run
  • Set exception of what folders to convert and upload
  • Decide whether you want just to resize and save locally or upload the resized pictures.


  • The is Graphical user interface where following can be set
    • FTP server settings
    • Image Source Folder
    • Set the width of the output pictures
    • Upload or not