Every software development group tests its products, yet delivered software always has defects. We strive to catch them before the product is released but they always creep in and they often reappear, even with the best manual testing processes. Automated Web testing is the best way to increase confidence in the web deliveries.


Automated Testing Improves Accuracy:

Even the most conscientious web application tester will make mistakes during monotonous manual testing. Automated tests perform the same steps precisely every time they are executed and never forget to record detailed results.


Increase Test coverage:

Automated Web testing can increase the depth and scope of tests to help improve software quality. Lengthy tests that are often avoided during manual testing can be run unattended. They can even be run on multiple Browsers with different configurations. Automated software tests can easily execute thousands of different complex test cases during every test run providing coverage that is impossible with manual tests. Testers freed from repetitive manual tests have more time to deal with new and complex features (…save money).


Automation Process

Following processes is included in the lifecycle of Web Automation tests. It is important to have a good understanding of this prior to the start of a Web Automation Test project.

Define the Scope of Automation

  • Not all parts of the application should be prioritized the Automated Web testing. It is important to prioritize:
    • Functionality that is critical for the product
    • Complex and Time consuming processes that is hard to test manually in a consistent way.

Test Tool Selection

  • There many tools being used to test web based software. We have focused on using Selenium. Projects should not be limited to that but Selenium offers comprehensive test suite.
  • Planning Design and Development
    • To make successful deliveries in automated web tests is important to plan the deliveries to match the expectations.
    • It is important to agree on the technology and how reporting from testing should be stored/handled
    • Also, how is the tests supposed to be run. Are they planned to run:
      • successively after deployments or build
      • based on a schedule
      • manually

Test Execution

  • Automated Web tests must be hosted somewhere. This could be either locally or through an agreement with a partner


  • The software being tested will, from time to time, be target for changes. The test software will in this matter also have to be adjusted to test the changed behavior or added features.