Order a Print

http://www.3dhubs.com/ – 3dprint hub is portal for finding other People ready to do a print of your wish. The files are uploaded and the price is given immediatly from each provider.

Tools for printing:

Cura Cura helps to link the 3D drawing to the printer.

Repetier Like Cura this program helps to link the drawing to a actual print.

PrintRun – Pronterface communicate the GCode to the RepRap printer.
Slic3r Cuts the STL’s into GCode for the 3D printer.

Tools for drawing 3D:

FreeCAD This is a freeware 3D modelling tool.
OpenCAD This is a freeware 3D modelling tool.

Printer Manufacture:

QU-BD 3D Printer
Wanhao 3D Printer
Marked Forg3d – Carbon Printer


RepRap Project for 3D Printer
RepRap Supplier (China)
RepRap Norge
RepRapPro Mendel
RepRap Mendel Build Playlist – Youtube
RepRap TriColour Assembly